Countries of the World


This pathfinder will guide you in finding information on countries including the cultures and maps.


World Book Encyclopedia (Ref 031 Wo89)
This is the best place to start your search. Find your country in alphabetical order in the encyclopedia.

Countries of the World (Ref 909.82 Co83)

CultureGrams (Ref 909 Cu89)
Source of information of manners, customs, national characteristics and more.

Lands and People (Juv Ref 910 La3)

World Factbook (Ref 910.5 Wo89)

Kids Multicultural Cookbook: Food and Fun Around the World by Deanna f. Cook (Juv 641.59)

Holidays of the World Cookbook for Students by Lois Sinaiko Webb ( 641.59 We38)

Also search the library catalog under the name of your country to find books, video and DVDs.


Online Reference Sources

Kids Search (up to 5th grade) - Search using the name of the country you are researching.

Student Research Center (5th grade and up) - Search using the name of the country you are researching.

Gale Discovering Collection - Click on "Geography and Cultures Search". You can search Places or Cultures for the country you are researching.

Grolier's Encyclopedias - Search using the name of the country or people you are researching to locate images, maps, selected websites and more.

World History - The Modern Era - Student and teachers will find resources on key historical developments around the world from 1500 to present day.


Internet Links

World Factbook
Database produced by the CIA provides basic information on each country of the world. Covers resources, water, people, government, economy and more.

Country Studies
Library of Congress site with the online version of books sponsored by the U.S. Army. Not all countries are included and some information is not current but dates of sections are noted.

National Geographic Map Machine
Seach for maps by theme: political, physical, cultural, climate, etc., U.S. census, street, historic, flags and facts.