United States Presidents


Need to find information on one of our presidents? This pathfinder will help you find information in the library and online.


The Story of the Powers of the President by R. Conrad Stein (J353.03 St3)

The President by Suzanne LeVert (J352.23 Le57)

A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln by David A. Adler (Juv Biography Lincoln)

Political Parties of the Untied States by Michael Kronenwetter (J324.273 Kr92)

Voice of the People: American Democracy in Action by Betsy Maestro (J324..973 Ma26)

Voting and Elections by Patricia J. Murphy (J324.6 Mu95)

Political Elections by Miles Harvey (J324.6 Ha26)

Presidents and Scandals by Russell Roberts (973 Ro54)

Presidents by James Barber (970 Ba23)

Ghosts of the White House by Cheryl Harness ( J973 Ha23)

Lives of the Presidents: Fame and Shame (and What the Neighbors Thought) by Kathleen Krull (J973 Kr93)

The Look-It-Up Book of First Ladies by S.A. Kramer (J973 Kr86)

President Adams' Alligator and other White House Pets by Peter W. Barnes (J973 Ba26)

World Book Encyclopedia (Adult Reference 031 Wo89) Look under the last name of the president you are researching.


Look in the Juvenile Biography and Adult Biography Collections under the last name of the president you are researching for books to check-out.

Also search the library catalog under "subject" using your president's name for books, videos, etc.


Online Reference Sources

Kids Search (up to 5th grade) - Search using the name of the president you are researching.

Student Research Center (5th grade and up) - Search using the name of the president you are researching.

Gale Discovering Collection - At the "Enter a Search Term" box type in your president's name.

American History - Covers American history from 1350 to the present with primary and secondary sources, biographies, e-books and teacher resources.




Internet Links

The White House -  Kids
White house pets, presidents, and first ladies plus games and videos about the White House.

National Archives Presidential Libraries Site
Presidential Library links. Access any of the twelve presidential library websites and get more information about the presidents..

Meet the Presidents
White House web site where you can find information on the presidents.

American Presidents Life Portraits
Sponsored by C-Span, site features biographies, facts, video and sound clips, along with text of speeches and addresses.

Internet Public Library - POTUS 
(Presidents of the United States)
Below are listed the presidents as found on the POTUS site above. Excellent site for biographical information.

Barack Hussein Obama, 2009-