Pets at the Children's Library

About Our Pets

The Children’s Library is home to several full-time residents and a few temporary ones. We have pets and animals because we love watching their behaviors and enjoy taking care of them. Currently there is a Hedgehog and fish!

The aquarium is home to several tropical fish. We often have Barbs, Mollies and Tetras. If you watch the tank your might see our Plecostomus , Charlie. He helps to keep the aquarium clean. He is almost a foot long! Thanks for helping us out, Charlie. For the real maintenance, however, we rely on the excellent work of Chuck and Tyler of Reef Escaptes.

**A new library pet coming soon!

Over the years we have had other pets including full-sized African Clawed Frogs, Guinea Pigs and several other fish to live with us. We have also ‘babysat’ for a Cinnamon Tarantula, several Madagascar Hissing cockroaches, Butterflies, Ladybugs, Ants, Ducklings, Chicks and one small Ball Python. Our dream pet would be to have a Library cat.