Library addition planned; tree removal


The Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library is pleased to announce a nearly $740,000 expansion project. A 2,089 square foot addition will be added to the Children’s Library. This area will provide the library with room for the children’s collection and programming space. The project will also include renovations to the existing Children’s Library to provide the staff with improved work space.

The new addition will extend close to the existing Oak Avenue sidewalk and create additional parking spaces, a dedicated Children’s Library entrance on Madison Street, and a pollinator-friendly garden. Due to the size of this expansion, it was necessary to remove trees from the property including two oak trees and one dogwood tree. While we are sad that we are not able to keep the trees, we intend to ensure that they have a continued presence on our property. We will use wood planks from the oaks to create tables and seating. We also intend to display a cross section of both tree showing their rings. These displays will be used to provide historical information about what happened in a particular year. 

In addition to utilizing these trees, the Library will seek locations to plant additional trees in the community to assist in supplanting those we will have to remove. A third tree is a pink dogwood given in memory of Mr. Blevins. Given the age of the tree, we were unable to transplant the tree. However, we have added a pink dogwood to our landscaping plans to ensure that we continue to have this type of tree on site as a memorial to Mr. Blevins.

- Tonya Ryals, Assistant Director of the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library