Pick Up and Drop Off FAQs

Pick up and Drop Off FAQs:

1. Can I pick up material for someone else?  Sure. You will need to bring an official ID for them and their library card.
2. What if I owe fines?  If you owe less than $10 in fines, you are free to check out material at this time. If you would like to pay your fines, you can click here. If you owe $10 or more, please take advantage of our electronic material offerings through Libby (Overdrive), Axis 360, Tumblebooks, or Freegal. 
3. Can I drop off donations?  Unfortunately we cannot accept donations at this time.  As much as we appreciate donations, the Friends of the Library bookshop is closed at this time and we do not have the space to store the donations.
4. Can I have something notarized?  We will not be able to offer this service at this time.
5. What is the library doing to disinfect its material?  We are putting all dropped off material into a quarantined area for 7 days before we check it in and have it available again for check out.  Several medical institutions have confirmed that the virus dies after two to five days.  Please go here for more information.
6. Can I request additional items once I arrive at the library?  Unfortunately you will not be able to add to your holds at that time. 
7. How will you get the items into my car?  You will need to open your trunk for our staff to place the items in your car and then you will close it after we have added/removed your items. 
8. Can I put books from other branches on hold? At this time we are not running our route to other branches so you can only put items on hold from the branch where you are picking it up.  We would encourage you to only get materials from your home library.