Linda Ivy


Through the efforts of the late Mayor Franklin Huber and with community cooperation, a beautiful library was built in 1968. The library was built on a small memorial park owned by the Friendly Garden Club, which presented the park to the city for the library.

When the library was first started it was housed in the northwest corner of City Hall (now Weiner's Fire Department). Gladys Downing Lawson was the first librarian and remained librarian until February of 1981. Edith Leach was librarian after Mrs. Lawson and remained such until March of 1986.

It is believed that the library was named a memorial library in honor of Mr. Franklin Huber, the individual mainly responsible for its beginning.


The library has gone through several changes in the past two decades.  The Children’s Library has added a Barn front to separate it from the rest of the library.  In 2010 a new floor plan was implemented adding a Teen Area, a Reading Area and an Audio Visual Area.  The computers were arranged to make it easier to provide computer classes with a pull down screen and projector.